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Creating buzz and awareness is part of the process but it needs to.The premium may be given for free, or may be offered to consumers for a significantly reduced price.Study online flashcards and notes for Chapter 16 including Which of the following.Sometimes the products are physically banded together, such as in toothbrush and toothpaste offers.Slotting allowances sometimes buy marketers prime spaces on retail shelves, at eye level or near the end of aisles.Mail premiums, unlike direct premiums, require the customer to perform some act in order to obtain a premium through return mail.Buyers may learn about price discounts either at the point of sale or through advertising.

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Information may take the form of advertising the availability of something, incentives are offered in the form of discounts, and emotional appeals are made by displays and, of course, by the low price itself.

A catalog listing the quantity of stamps required for each item was available at the participating stores.

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Retailer-sponsored coupons are typically distributed through print advertising or at the point of sale.

These offers provide instant gratification, plus there is no confusion about returning coupons or box tops, or saving bar codes or proofs of purchase.They also provide a chance to demonstrate products, disseminate information, answer questions, and be compared directly to competitors.Consumers usually received one stamp for every dime spent at a participating store.

In down-to-earth terms it is a way of lifting sales temporarily by appealing to economic motives and impulse-buying behavior.At the end of that period, the salesperson would send evidence of these sales to the manufacturer and receive a check in return.The role of sales promotion. premiums, bonus pack, or price-offs. by giving special price promotion, coupons, and bonus packs.An example might be a limited edition toy car offered by a marketer in exchange for one or more proofs-of-purchase and a payment covering the cost of the item plus handling.Consumer Promotions. Coupons. Premiums. Contests and sweepstakes.When competing brands have reached parity in terms of price and service, continuity programs sometimes prove a deciding factor among those competitors.Recognize the role of price-off promotions and bonus packages. Bonus packs: Extra quantities of. coupons premiums contests and.What type of objective is Reckitt Benckiser likely to have set for this sales promotion.But many marketers are willing to pay extra to bring their products to the attention of consumers who are pressed for time in the store.

Promotions and merchandising are key to the success of. and service literature, premiums, bonus packs, coupons, N. on consumer price.In many industries, trade deals are the primary expectation for retail support, and the marketing funds spent in this area are considerable.Direct sampling can be achieved through prime media using scratch-and-sniff cards and slim foil pouches, or through retailers using special displays or a person hired to hand out samples to passing customers.Trade deals include a group of tactics having a common theme—to encourage sellers to specially promote a product.

Study online flashcards and notes for Chapter 16 including Which is true with regard to personal. rebates and price packs B) premiums. C). coupons C) cents-off.Slotting allowances are fees retailers charge manufacturers for each space or slot on the shelf or in the warehouse that new products will occupy.Glossary of Terms: Incentives, Rewards, and Recognition. a variety of premiums for coupons,. a product—includes in-packs, on-packs and container premiums.The main difference between contests and sweepstakes is that contests require entrants to perform a task or demonstrate a skill that is judged in order to be deemed a winner, while sweepstakes involve a random drawing or chance contest that may or may not have an entry requirement.

Answer sale promotion is a part of the marketing activities through which the product is.The final type of buying allowance is a free goods allowance.With over 40 years in the auto parts industry, Lordco Parts Ltd. offers thousands of automotive parts and accessories.An alternative is door-to-door distribution, particularly when the items are bulky and when reputable distribution organizations exist.Coupons may also be distributed through the media—magazines, newspapers, Sunday supplements, or free-standing inserts (FSI) in newspapers.Thousands of manufacturers display their wares and take orders at trade shows.Furthermore, participation in contests is very low compared to sweepstakes, since they require some sort of skill or ability.It is used to introduce new product, clear out inventories, attract traffic, and to lift sales temporarily.

The meetings may be used to motivate sales agents, to explain the product or the promotional campaign, or simply to answer questions.The main types of price deals include discounts, bonus pack deals, refunds or rebates, and coupons.Thus sales promotion and advertising are difficult to distinguish.

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When the program is over, the retailer receives all the appliances on the display if a specified order size was achieved.

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In this way, retail coupons are equivalent to a cents-off deal.

Price packs. Premiums. are similar to coupons except that the price reduction occurs after the purchase.

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Other types of direct premiums include traffic builders, door openers, and referral premiums.A consumer price deal saves the buyer money when a product is purchased.The money can only be used to purchase advertising—for example, to print flyers or run ads in a local newspaper.At the point of sale, price reductions may be posted on the package, on signs near the product, or in storefront windows.

Continuity programs retain brand users over a long time period by offering ongoing motivation or incentives.The final category of direct premiums, referral premiums, reward the purchaser for referring the seller to other possible customers.Direct Marketing Is The Use Of Consumer Direct Marketing. coupons, cash refund, price packs, premiums,. vs. other external factors that played a part.

The stamp company provided redemption centers where the stamps were traded for merchandise.When using price packs, direct mail coupons,. peel-off, in-pack), premiums, rebates, contests, and price packs-to.Many types of advertisements can be used to notify consumers of upcoming discounts, including fliers and newspaper and television ads.Similarly, push money (PM)—also known as spiffs—is an extra payment given to salespeople for meeting a specified sales goal.